Fazl lashes out at govt in latest Azadi March speech

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman lashed out at the government on Tuesday, calling for an end to the ‘drama’ that was being done in the name of accountability.
“Won’t tolerate drama in the name of accountability in this country anymore,” he said, lashing out at the government for its alleged witch hunting of political opponents.
Fazl lashed out at the government, blaming it for disturbing the friendly ties between Pakistan and China.
“We used to be proud of our friendship with China,” he said. “We used to tell people that our friendship with China was higher than the Himalayas and sweeter than honey. Now, even China is not ready to invest in Pakistan due to our leaders’ follies,” he added.
Fazl said that under the current economic conditions, factories were shutting down and production institutes were also being rendered useless. He said that people were losing their jobs.
“For the firs time in our history, three budgets were presented in a single year,” he said. “Even then this government couldn’t take advantage of the taxes.”
Fazl said that Pakistan’s ties with Afghanistan had hit a new low while Iran was giving more respect to India as compared to Pakistan.
“There is gold, silver and priceless minerals in the mountains of Balochistan,” he said. “However, the people of Balochistan do not have control over their own resources.”
Fazl wondered why anyone hadn’t protested against the PTI dharna in 2014 but were speaking out against the Azadi March.
“You will have to accept the people’s verdict. Our marchers have maintained discipline,” said the JUI-F chief.
Fazl lamented that the incumbent government had increased prices of items of everyday use, petrol and other things.
“Every single day that this government gets, the more we will go down,” he said.

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