Fans removing ‘Harry Potter’ tattoos over J.K.Rowling’s anti-trans comments

Die-hard fans of Harry Potter are getting their tattoos removed after J.K.Rowling made a series of transphobic tweets a couple of days ago.
The famed British writer received flak after being saying hurtful things to the trans community and then writing down a controversial essay in defence of her thoughts.
This has caused Harry Potter fans to get their tattoos removed, so in order to disassociate themselves from the fantasy wizard franchise.
Brooklyn resident Bria Noone, who was “obsessed” with Harry Potter for most of her life, decided to get rid of her Deathly Hallows symbol chest tattoo — which appears in the seventh book of the series.
“I was like ‘Oh God, alright, I need to get this off my body,’” Noone told The Post. “As a lifetime fan and somebody who was influenced so positively by her work, I’m shocked and disgusted that this is what it’s come to.”
“It’s such a large, black ink tattoo that getting it covered would mean an even larger, even darker tattoo and I don’t want to do that because it’s such a sensitive area,” she said.
“She pulled the wool over our eyes for long enough,” said Noone. “This [Harry Potter] community is definitely very diverse and she basically spoke out against her entire community — it was like a slap in the face.”
Another Potterhead, Jordan Gerdes, who has a 3-inch Deathly Hallows symbol inked on his right foot, said, “Finally, I just thought ‘Alright, cool, I’m done trying to . . . do the mental gymnastics to give her the benefit of doubt,” he said. “J.K Rowling is a disgusting, bigoted person that I have no reason to find joy in her writing any longer.”

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