Erdogan wishes Eid to President Alvi over phone call, condoles plane crash tragedy

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday telephoned President Arif Alvi on account of Eid and to condole the national tragedy of PK-8303 flight crash.
President Erdogan extended Eid greetings towards premier Arif Alvi whereas the Pakistani President returned the gesture in kind.
President Erdogan condoled the loss of life in PIA plane crash that left 97 dead in its wake and prayed for the bereaved families of those gone.
Erdogan said that Turkey was standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan and its people during these trying and testing times.
President Arif Alvi expressed hope with regards to COVID-19 praying for the cure sooner rather than later.
President Alvi also appreciated President Erdogan’s message of abiding solidarity after the unfortunate airplane crash in Karachi.
“Such heartwarming messages from Turkey are manifest of historic fraternal bonds existing between the two countries and have provided source of strength to the bereaved families,” a press release quoted the president saying.
The president reiterated that Pakistan on its part would continue to nurture time-tested and un-paralleled fraternal relations between the two countries

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