Entire world rejects False Indian narrative on Occupied Kashmir: President AJK

Azad Kashmir President Masood Khan says the entire world community has rejected the false Indian narrative on occupied Kashmir.
Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Tuesday along with a delegation of British parliament, he said India is committing genocide in occupied Kashmir which is being condemned far and wide.
The AJK President said the UN Security Council at its meeting in New York also voiced concerns over the human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.
Masood Khan said it is also for the first time that the civil society and political parties within India are raising a strong voice against the illegal steps taken by Modi government in the held territory.
He urged the British government to break its silence and raise its voice to support oppressed people of occupied Kashmir.
He said United Kingdom needs to play its due role as permanent member of UN Security Council.
He said over ten thousand young people have been abducted from occupied valley and have been imprisoned in notorious detention centers of India.
The AJK President vowed to respond befittingly to any misadventure of India.
British Member of Parliament Imran Hussain in his remarks, said the UN Security Council and the international community has a huge role to play for the resolution of Kashmir dispute.
He said the situation prevailing in occupied Kashmir should be a matter of concern for the world community.
Imran Hussain commended Pakistan for peacefully handling the situation. He however strongly condemned the irresponsible language used by the Indian ministers against Azad Kashmir. He said the Indian leadership should refrain from using provocative and loose language.
Another member of British Parliament Khalid Mahmood said the people of Kashmir are waging a struggle for their right to self-determination over the last seventy years. He said the question arises if East Timor and South Sudan can get independence then why not Kashmiris.
He said they will also raise the plight of Kashmiri people at the upcoming session of the British parliament.
Speaking on the occasion, Stephen Timms Member of British parliament said people of occupied Kashmir are facing communication lockdown. Expressing deep concerns over India’s unilateral action of changing status of Kashmir, he said status cannot be changed without consent of the people.

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