Digital Marketing must be Meaningful & Truthful: President Arif Alvi

President Dr Arif Alvi said that advertisement strategies play a crucial role in developing perceptions as these contain ideas, skills and creativity.
Addressing the concluding session of the AdAsia Lahore 2019 here at Alhamra, he said that marketing strategies should be modified to achieve the realistic approach of selling products. “Reality is not that you showbut the reality is what it was and what it is,” he added.
The president said that world was moving towards truth; therefore efforts should be made to formulate the advertisement strategies for presenting the truth about products being sold in the market.
He said that the meaning of words had been changed through advertisements. People believe in advertisements and products are sold through them these days. Therefore, advertisements would be meaningful and truthful, he added. The media had been changed and a greater volume of fake news were being reported in today’s world, he added.
Dr Arif Alvi said that a significant change could be seen in the media as nowadays newspapers had become opinion-makers, whereas the electronic media disseminated news within not more than two hours while the social media was being used as a platform to share the latest news within no time without any editorial control, he added.
The president said that newspapers carrying advertisements of various brands were actually selling their own products, adding that it was difficult to identify difference between advertisement and news. He said that it was also a difficult task to identify natural and unnatural advertisements.
He said that foreign delegates enjoyed Lahore’s cultural diversity and history, adding that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands recently visited the historic places in the provincial capital and enjoyed its cultural diversity. He said that Pakistan had become a safe place.
Dr Alvi said that there were huge investment opportunities in the country as Pakistan’s market was developing, changing and expanding. The honest leadership in the country was committed to bringing about development and prosperity, he added.
The president hoped that the foreign delegates, after returning to their countries, would paint a true image of Pakistan.
Earlier, he appreciated the role of AdAsia Lahore 2019 in organizing such a programme for promoting various trends of advertisement and said that such programmes would help explore new opportunities in the advertisement industry.

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