Countries afflicted with hunger, Pakistan is better than that of India

Pakistan has been ranked 94th in the index of 117 countries afflicted with hunger.
The country scored 28.5 on the hunger index while India, with 30.3 points, was in 102nd place.
While the ranking for Pakistan is better than that of India, both countries appear to present a serious situation of food shortage and hunger.
As per the Global Hunger Index 2019, a report published jointly by an Irish and a German firm as part of their international food policy research, hunger most seriously affects the Central African Republic which has a point score of over 50 while Chad, Madagascar, Yemen and Zambia are also among the worst-hit countries with scores between 35 and 49.9.
Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, Congo and Zimbabwe are among the 43 countries that have a serious hunger problem as indicated in the Global Hunger Index with average scores between 20 and 34.9. These also include Niger, Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, Haiti, Libya and others. As per the report, Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania, Ukraine, Uruguay, Kuwait, Chile, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are among the 17 countries with negligible incidences of hunger with point scores under 5.0.

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