Coronavirus relief grant can be received from ATM, designated centers, points: Sania Nishtar

Dr. Sania Nishtar has asked all deserving people who are sending SMS on 8171 for coronavirus relief grant not to rush for payment before the final response of payment date.
She said, after scrutiny and confirmation of eligibility, the deserving person receives the message with date of payment from 8171.
The Special Assistant said payment of 12000 rupees can be received from ATM, designated centers and points all across Pakistan.
Taking to the micro-blogging website Twitter, Sania Nishtar said that some place in the country have reported long queues outside designated relief coronavirus relief centers but that does not diminish most of the places that have not reported such hassle.
The Tweet read: “Yes, there are long queues in some places but you must note that in majority of cases, things are orderly and #EhsaasEmergencyCash handout of Rs. 12,000 is being given to hundreds of thousands of people in a single day. God be praised!”

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