Coronavirus: Govt to take action against plasma selling

The Ministry of National Health Services has decided to take strict action against all the people who have been selling plasma in the country.
The health authorities have issued guidelines about plasma therapy treatment for COVID-19, urging people not to pay donors as the treatment was still “an experimental therapy”.
The illegal trade of plasma started after the government allowed it to be used for the treatment of CIVID-19 patients.
It was disclosed that mafia in Punjab doing business with the blood plasma of recovered patients of COVID-19, minting millions of rupees from the immoral business.
Dr. Shamsi had disclosed that the blood plasma being sold at the price of upto one lac rupees for each donation.
Moreover, the federal government has also warned that strict action would be taken against elements involved in over-charging or black marketing of life-saving drugs used by coronavirus patients.
In a statement, Special Assistant on National Health Services, Dr Zafar Mirza said the Drugs Regulatory Authority (DRAP) has been directed to ensure availability of medicines used for management of COVID-19 patients.
He said Tocilizumab (Actemra) and Remedesivir injections used for COVID-19 patients will be distributed to critically ill patients through a robust mechanism to meet the needs of various hospitals.

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