Corona-virus: Sindh govt ban handshakes in offices

Sindh government has issued an advisory for the government employees detailing preventive measures to be taken during their official work as country’s coronavirus tally jumped to 28 patients on Friday, reported.
The advisory asked the employees to refrain from coming into close contact with each other during the office work especially avoiding handshakes.
Those working in the government offices should try to maintain a one-meter distance with each other and wash their hands at frequent intervals in order to avoid coming in contact with the deadly virus, it said.
The employees should refrain from visiting public places and mass gathering venues.
“In case of suffering from coughs, fever, pain in breathing process and flu-some of the common symptoms of the virus- the employee should avoid visiting the office and stay at home,” it said.
The Sindh government has also issued an advisory for the mosques, shrines and other religious sites in the province earlier in the day.
Yesterday, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Mushtaq Mahar has issued coronavirus advisory for the police personnel.
In the alert issued by the IGP Sindh, the policemen are advised to take precautionary measures amid threat of coronavirus. IGP Sindh directed the policemen to use surgical masks while performing their duties.
The cops have been advised to keep a distance of three feet at least while being on duty with their colleagues.
The police personnel have been directed to take special care of cleanness and avoid shaking hands with the general public being on the duty.

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