Committee formed by prime minister to probe wheat crisis will start work from today

The committee formed under directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan to probe the wheat and flour scarcity in Sindh has started its work from today.
The committee under the head of Director General Federal Investigation Agency (DG-FIA) will meet officials of the Sindh government today.
The committee will try to find out the root-causes behind the wheat shortage in Sindh in its meeting with the Chief Secretary Sindh.
Last week, PM Khan had formed an investigative body to probe the wheat scarcity in the country.
The three-member committee under the leadership of Director-General of the Federal Investigative Bureau (DG-FIA) would also include a member from the anti-corruption bureau of Punjab and the Information Branch (IB) each.
The committee had been tasked to determine those that are responsible for creating the conundrum and suggest possible measures to be taken against those levied with the blame.
The committee will also give its suggestions on stocking of wheat and future plans of handling the produce.

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