Balochistan ban Youm-e-Ali a.s processions in the light of coronavirus

Balochistan will not be marking Youm-e-Ali a.s with processions this Friday as the provincial government reminded people of a ban on religious processions in light of the coronavirus.
The procession is held on the 21st of every Ramazan to mark the death of Hazrat Ali (A.S).
In a notification issued by the Balochistan Home and Tribal Affairs Department on Thursday, it was reminded that all sorts of religious gatherings are already banned in the country, hence, Friday’s procession should also be avoided.
It asked the authorities concerned to urgently call on scholars and apprise them on the increasing coronavirus cases across Pakistan to ensure processions are not held anywhere in the province.
As of Thursday, 2,239 COVID-19 cases have been in Balochistan and more than 35,000 country-wide. The province is under a partial lockdown until May 19.

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