Bahrain increase Widows allowance

Bahrain King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa has ordered an increase in the monthly allowance offered to 11,000 orphans and widows, Bahrain’s news agency reported.
The monarch directed the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF), sponsoring the beneficiaries, to oversee the reimbursement of the allowance increase.
The royal gesture aims at easing the financial burdens of the widows and orphans, according to news agency.
The RHF will embark on fully implementing the monarch’s gesture as soon as possible , said the foundation’s head, Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who is the king’s representative for Humanitarian and youth affairs.
He added that the initiative is part of the king’s constant efforts geared towards assisting those in needs and ensuring them a “dignified and stable life”.
The foundation, in compliance with the royal directives, will provide a 20 per cent increase into the bank accounts of the 11,000 widows and orphans starting with the June allowance, the RHF Secretary-General Moustafa Al Syed said.
source: politicaluprising

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