Babar Awan meets PM, congratulates him on diplomatic victory in UNSC

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan met PTI member Babar Awan to exchange ideas and seek counsel on constitutional, political and lawful quandaries.
Awan called on the Prime Minister and congratulated him on presenting the plight of subjugated Kashmiris in the United Nations Union Council (UNSC). Awan termed the moot an achievement and claimed it as a diplomatic victory for Pakistan after it successfully made Pakistan an International issue rather than a bilateral one.
The Prime Minister apprised Awan of the telephonic exchange he had prior to the President of the United States on the matter of Kashmir and also said that he was thankful to the countries that stood by Pakistan and adhered to the Kashmir cause and took note of the atrocities and the illegal occupation of the valley.
Khan also told Awan that the US President told him that he was keeping a close watch on the developments in the region. Khan added that he also revealed his fears to the US President with regards to the situation on the ground in Kashmir and the loss of lives feared after the Indian curfew was lifted in the area.

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