Australian columnist shares alarming statistics about Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir

India continues to enforce a curfew in Occupied Kashmir amid a clampdown in the Muslim majority region since it revoked Article 370 on August 5.
Although some international media outlets have provided some glimpses of the situation in Kashmir, media has largely been gagged by Occupation authorities.
As the international community expresses its concern over violations of human rights in Kashmir, a renowned Australian columnist has come forward with some gruesome figures that laid bare reality of the situation in the occupied territory.
In a Twitter thread titled “Life under Indian Occupation in Kashmir”, CJ Werleman on Saturday explained how the Kashmiris are outnumbered by Indian troops and also shared the facts about unmarked graves, incident of sexual violence committed by armed personnel and some other gruesome details.
Here is collection of Tweets posted by CJ Werleman :

— CJ Werleman (@cjwerleman) August 17, 2019

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