Altamash General Hospital conducts Hepatitis awareness campaign

Altamash General Hospital conducted a public awareness campaign on hepatitis as a CSR activity.
As many as 300 people from all walks of life attended the event which was held at the hospital’s Clifton block 1 branch. Located at junction of both high and low economic group of population, Altamash General Hospital, a 200 bed Hospital provides health care in all disciplines of medicines and surgery. Altamash General Hospital offer 24/7, latest diagnostic facilities such as 32 slice CT Scan, Open Bore MRI, Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound and Clinical Laboratory. The State of the Art Operating Rooms can cater for all types of Surgeries round the clock and with 12 Ventilators and with highly skilled professional team provide specialized care at intensive care units.
Gastro-Enterologist Professor Waseem Jafri gave a detailed account of the Hepatitis epidemic in Pakistan. He said Pakistan has the second largest population of Hepatitis C infected people after China. Dr. Waseem talked extensively on all types of hepatitis A,B,C,D and E. He stressed the need for taking preventive measures specially against Hepatitis B and C, which are transmitted through contaminated blood contact. He emphasized on using new, sterilized syringe every time anyone needed injections.
He cautioned people against sharing blades, tooth brushes and urged them to practice safe sex. He emphasized on the need for getting vaccinated against Hepatitis B and to ensure that new born babies are vaccinated on day one.
The chief guest was singer and activist Shehzad Roy who called on the government, masses and health providers to join hands and work for the prevention of hepatitis B and C in Pakistan.
People were offered free test of Hepatitis B, Random Blood Sugar checks and a cholesterol check. Around 400 people availed this facility.

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