Brazilian man ‘turning into elephant’ after mosquito chew

Brazilian man ‘turning into elephant’ after mosquito bite
A person in Brazil is affected by Elephantiasis – a illness that’s nothing lower than a life sentence.

The illness stays amongst essentially the most crippling tropical infections and with out therapy may cause debilitating swelling within the limbs or genitals.

It’s transferred by a easy mosquito chew and may trigger everlasting incapacity.

Till now it was regarded as incurable however now a clinic in Brazil has developed a therapy that has raised hope of a treatment.

The affected person was bitten twenty years in the past and was subsequently contaminated with Lymphatic filariasis – the parasite that causes the situation.

Left untreated his left leg had swollen dramatically however therapy at Cunica Godoy clinic in Sao Jose Rio Petro has already made some enhancements.

Except for swelling, the illness may cause kidney and lymph node injury.

As soon as Elephantiasis is contracted, it is vitally tough to regulate. In instances like Raimundo, who has gone untreated for a few years, will probably be a lifelong battle.