Shift in gender roles seen among young Germans choosing careers

Boys and girls in Germany are slowly moving away from traditional gender roles when choosing their professions, according to a study by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).

A list of the most popular professions chosen between 2016 and 2018 reflected a gradual shift in society, with girls showing more interest in pursuing jobs in technology and engineering, DIHK found, according to a report by Germany’s Funke media group on Tuesday.

“This development is being slowed down by the fact that too many young men and women still only know the top 10 most popular professions, when they can actually choose from hundreds of jobs,” Achim Dercks, deputy head of DIHK, told Funke.

The DIHK report showed that in 2018, more girls were interested in becoming IT specialists than in 2016, moving up the ranks from 41st to 33rd most popular profession. The profession is ranked third most popular for boys.

A similar trend was found in the field of mechanics, which moved up the ranks from 43rd place to become the 36th most favoured choice for girls.

Boys were also found to be moving more towards professions that are traditionally held by women. This was especially true for dental assistants, which is in third place for girls and has moved up to place 113 from 131 for boys.

Hairdressing has also started to attract more boys, moving up from 41st to the 35th most popular profession.

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