Northern bright spot: Germans and Danes celebrate their friendship

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Germany and its northern neighbour Denmark are kicking off a Cultural Year of Friendship, with numerous events planned to bring the two European countries even closer together.

The year-long celebration will officially be launched on Friday in Copenhagen by the two countries’ foreign ministers, Heiko Maas of Germany and Jeppe Kofod of Denmark.

Danish Queen Margrethe II will earlier in the day inaugurate a special exhibition on Germany at the National Museum of Denmark.

The coming year offers both countries a chance to interact – beyond concerts, common art projects and museum exhibitions too. The Year of Friendship is also meant as a celebration of having a reliable partner nearby during times that politically are not always easy.

“The German-Danish relations have developed superbly in the past decades and are good, close-knit and trusting like never before,” said the new German ambassador in Denmark, Detlev Ruenger.

Germans and Danes are good neighbours, close trade partners and on the same wavelength when it comes to many international topics such as climate issues, he said.

People in the border region between the two countries are particularly looking forward to the Year of Friendship. The border between Germany and Denmark was drawn 100 years ago.

Exhibitions, theatre plays, concerts and debates that deal with the German-Danish relationship are planned on both sides of the border in 2020. In the German state of Schleswig-Holstein alone, more than 60 events are planned.

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