Life expectancy in Germany continues to increase, though slowly

Germany today on Diplomacy Pakistan News

The life expectancy in Germany has increased further, with newborn girls in line to reach the age of 83.3 years on average and newborn boys 78.5 years, the Federal Statistical Office said on Tuesday.

Based on the so-called life table for 2016/2018, the life expectancy for both sexes was up by about 0.1 years compared to the previous survey for 2015/2017. That corresponds to the average annual change seen over the last 10 years, the office said.

Over the longer term, however, the increase in life expectancy has been slowing down.

Up to the 2006/2008 life table, the life expectancy at birth had for decades risen by approximately 0.2 years per year on average, while that of boys had gone up by about 0.3 years.

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