The Tuk-Tuk travellers

53c848cbefedfFinnish travellers Pyry Kääriä and Juho Sarno pose for a selfie.

Touring by auto-rickshaw is critical for a lot of, and a enjoyable tour for some, however driving such a rickshaw throughout South Asia and Jap Europe is a experience in contrast to another.

Pyry Kääriä and Juho Sarno, each 31-year-old circus artists from Finland, are on the journey of a lifetime as they drive from Bangkok to Helsinki in a Tuk-Tuk – the Thai model of the three-wheeler not a lot completely different from the rickshaws regularly seen in Pakistan.

The pair have traveled throughout Thailand, Myanmar, India and Pakistan on their option to Iran, Turkey, after which throughout Jap Europe. Their journey will culminate in Finland and take a complete of three months to finish.

Initially on account of begin their journey with the start of the brand new yr, Kääriä and Sarno have been unable to register the Tuk-Tuk for a number of months on account of political unrest in Thailand. They lastly started their journey on Could 1.

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