This is not the time to ridicule people: Meera

Pakistani actress Meera on Wednesday said that this is not the time to ridicule people after her video of appealing Prime Minister Imran Khan for her immediate repatriation from virus-hit New York city drew flak on social media.
“Being a Pakistani, my earlier request to PM Imran was my fundamental right, but people tried to exploit my miseries. This is not the time to ridicule others,” the Baji starlet lamented, adding that she has been in constant contact with Consulate General Pakistan NewYork.
Referring to the rising death toll in New York, Meera said: “I am scared from the rapid spread of virus in the city.”
“Please pray for my immediate repatriation from the foreign land so I can come back to my country and participate in coronavirus relief work,” she added.
Earlier on Monday, actress Meera had appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to arrange for her repatriation as she is left helpless in America where coronavirus has taken thousands of lives.
In a video message Meera said that her Chinese cameraman has died and she is stranded without help from anyone.
Meera, a month earlier, had gone to America for the shooting of her film “Long Distance”.
The Baaji actress said all her resources have exhausted and as a result, living in the US has become a tough task for her.
“I have no savings and my survival is difficult. New York is turning into a graveyard. Every day thousands of people are dying.”
In her emotional message, Meera said that she doesn’t want to die in a foreign land.
“Dear prime minister, you have always supported artists. All countries are bringing back their citizens to their homelands. I request you to please make arrangements for my repatriation to Pakistan as I wish to die in my country,” she urged.
The Consulate General Pakistan New York told that it has been in regular contact with Meera throughout the current COVID-19 crisis.
The spokesperson said: “She is being provided assistance as per her requests regarding her accommodation and other needs. She is also being updated regularly on the flights’ situation.”

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