Humaima Malik Opens Up About Her Experience of Domestic Violence

After actor Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatema Sohail, who accused her husband of domestic violence, the famous actress of Pakistani cinema Humaima Malik shared her story of domestic abuse during her married life.
Humaima took to Instagram to talk about how she was also a survivor of domestic abuse, claiming that she had also witnessed what Fatema said she went through
Malik wrote: “Although it has been years but all those years and the pain-filled days and nights still haunt me. I was only a 19-20 year old miserable young girl. Who couldn’t even share my screaming wounds with my family.”
“I am shameful of myself today. I didn’t do anything for myself 3 years of an abusive marriage, 7 years of another abusive relationship and it repeated again. While I was working making a good life for myself and my entire family, I was threatened, abused, and beaten to death not once but many times. I am not scared anymore. I am now shameful of silence,” the Bol actor added.
She concluded her story with the hashtag #NoMoreSilence.
The Legend of Maula Jatt producer, Ammara Hikmat also vouched for Humaima’s story, saying she was a very brave woman: “I witnessed it firsthand and glad you pulled yourself out of it.”
she was married to actor Shamoon Abbasi in the year 2010. But unfortunately, the marriage only lasted two years with the couple filing for divorce in 2012.

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