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Charter of Madina

Blood feuds amongst Arab tribes, social and financial conflicts that might erupt at any second amongst Jews, Christians and Arabs who haven’t embraced Islam but: 14 centuries in the past, the lands of Medina had been removed from peace till Prophet Muhammad graced this stunning metropolis along with his presence and made probably the most important settlement of historical past.

Again then, there have been largely pagan Arabs, Christians and Jews dwelling in and round Medina. A sense of resentment, anger and hostility was prevalent of their relations not solely with different teams but in addition inside their very own. An environment of battle and warfare was occurring for over a century within the lands of Arabia. When Prophet Muhammad graced Medina, the town was in a state of social dispute, interior battle and political instability, very like right now’s Center East.

In such an surroundings, our Prophet introduced the events collectively, bought their opinions and recommendations and drafted the Constitution of Medina following their consent. By this constitution, he sure the folks of Medina’s cosmopolitan construction collectively for the aim of building social unity and peace. He led to a floor of reconciliation amongst greater than 100 teams, generally by way of letters and generally by speaking to them in particular person. British historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee describes the significance of the social union that our Prophet established in these phrases: “…Arabia that had by no means earlier than obeyed one prince, immediately displays a political unity and swears allegiance to the desire of an absolute ruler. Out of the quite a few tribes, massive and small, of 100 totally different varieties that had been incessantly at feud with each other, Muhammad’s phrase created a nation”.

The Constitution of Medina was the start of many issues in world historical past. This constitution signed in 622 AD is the founding structure of the primary Islamic state. It was the primary pluralistic and democratic structure in historical past; it introduced a democratic and peaceable system, which was unprecedented within the Arabian Peninsula to a neighborhood consisting of numerous races, religions and tribes. Folks of Medina, comprising quite a few rival tribes, got here collectively for the primary time and was a society the place freedom of faith, pluralistic democracy, political union and peace dominated. The Constitution of Medina was a turning level in historical past when it comes to introducing and defending the rule of regulation and basic rights and freedoms. Furthermore, these weren’t established by power, however by receiving the consent and assent of events.

In relation to constitutions, the very first thing that involves many individuals’s thoughts is the Magna Carta — the Nice Constitution of Liberties. Nevertheless, underneath the management of our Prophet, the Constitution of Medina was written 600 years earlier than the Magna Carta. Though consisting of solely 47 articles, it completed the aims of contemporary and superior democracies 1,400 years in the past.

The Constitution of Medina relies upon freedoms, not oppression; upon equality, not superiority; and upon proper and regulation, not energy. This constitution assured every particular person in society the liberty of selecting the faith he desired and dwelling and worshipping by his personal perception with none strain in any respect. It ensured the liberty of religion and conscience, which is among the key parts of secularism. Article 25 of the constitution, together with the expression “The Jews of the B. ‘Auf are one neighborhood with the believers (the Jews have their faith and the Muslims have theirs)…”, underlines a complete freedom. Article 16 reads: “To the Jew who follows us belong assist and equality. He shall not be wronged nor shall his enemies be aided.” After his time, the companions who maintained this perspective of our Prophet granted this proper to Berbers, Buddhists, Brahmans and others like them; thus, disputes may very well be solved simply and a state of peace and justice was preserved.

The constitution allowed every group the entire freedom of practising their very own regulation however an offender wouldn’t be protected by any group. For instance, it’s said in Article 13 that the offender shall be punished with no regard to his social standing and the sufferer shall be protected: “The God-fearing believers shall be towards the rebellious or him who seeks to unfold injustice, or sin or animosity, or corruption between believers; the hand of each man shall be towards him even when he be a son of considered one of them.”

Events to this constitution would assist one another, assist one another and dwell in peace and unity with all the opposite teams in Medina. The disputes between events could be settled by the arbitration of our Prophet, accepted by all teams because the fairest particular person.

The Constitution of Medina assured the authorized rights and freedoms of all people regardless in the event that they had been Muslim, Jew, Christian or pagan. Regardless of the cruel oppression and cruelty of the pagans of Mecca, our Prophet maintained a merciful and protecting perspective in direction of them and even set this as a provision within the structure, as the aim of Islam is to deliver peace and like to the entire world. With this structure, Prophet Muhammad utilized the Quran’s perspective of affection, respect, compassion, peace and freedom for all mankind no matter their beliefs.

Some folks assume that Islam and sure values reminiscent of democracy, secularism and freedom of thought can not co-exist. Those that have led to this improper prejudice within the Western world are fanatics which have emerged within the identify of Islam however who’re, in reality, appearing according to superstitions, fabricated hadiths and non-Quranic beliefs. It’s this bigoted mindset, which is totally incompatible with the Quran, which doesn’t permit any dwelling area for any thought aside from its personal radical concepts, which regards girls as second class and usually makes life unlivable. The reason for struggling, terror and battle right now within the Center East and in another Islamic nations is the novel ideology of bigotry.

There is no such thing as a compulsion in Islam. There may be excellent freedom of faith, perception and thought within the Quran. The verses “There is no such thing as a compulsion the place the faith is worried” (Quran, 2:256); “You could have your faith and I’ve my faith” (Quran, 109:6); and “Say: ‘It’s the reality out of your Lord; so let whoever needs have religion and whoever needs disbelieve’” (Quran, 18:29) of the Quran are the abstract of secularism.

With the Constitution of Medina ready by Prophet Muhammad, a mannequin of pluralistic society was realized on the idea of non secular, cultural and authorized autonomy and a century-old conflicts amongst teams of various beliefs and cultures got here to an finish. If thought-about from right now’s perspective, the Constitution of Medina could be an ideal place to begin guiding Muslims to a peaceable, truthful, understanding, affectionate and benevolent social mannequin each within the Western world and within the Center East, affected by a tragedy persevering with for greater than a century, and the Islamic world usually.

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