An mental battle based mostly on training is required to deliver an finish to terror

Education for All

By Harun Yahya

Many international locations everywhere in the world are affected by the scourge of terrorism increasingly more each single day.

The terrorist actions that grew to become a world downside have ideological foundations. A few of these organizations such because the PKK, Shining Path and FARC are based upon Marxist ideology; a few of them, akin to neo-Nazis, Chetniks or Golden Daybreak are followers of utmost right-wing or fascist ideologies.

These organizations largely try to create an unbiased state in a area beneath the rule of a sovereign nation.  And generally they’re after annexing the lands of a rustic that they declare to have rights upon in one other international nation.

A majority of the fear organizations aside from these talked about above have spiritual references.  Organizations akin to ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram are examples of such organizations. These organizations conduct their acts by making use of some superstitions, baseless prohibitions and punishment strategies which have infiltrated Islamic morality. They pressure folks to reside in line with a radical understanding that has no place within the Qur’an, through the use of the title of Islam as they mistakenly understand it to be.

Terrorist acts have mental foundations 

Regardless of if they’ve ideological foundations or carry a radical mindset with spiritual references, all these organizations goal to make their very own philosophies prevail through the use of violence. Though they’ve totally different traits, all of them do have an mental substructure.  All of the terrorist acts they perform are based mostly on that mental basis.

What’s vital right here is the ideological coaching that allows the members of these organizations to legitimize their armed acts. That coaching is rarely delayed and is carried out step-by-step in numerous places with totally different strategies. These skilled kids begin seeing folks as animals and finally they flip into merciless terrorists that may fairly simply kill folks in chilly blood.

All of the states are very a lot knowledgeable about these actions of the terrorist organizations. All the academic supplies and strategies are identified by the intelligence providers and by the safety forces. Nevertheless, whereas a battle is carried out towards these organizations, it’s typically not an mental battle that might annihilate this coaching system however a army battle based mostly on the usage of weapons.  It’s doable to cease these militants earlier than they flip into killers by means of precautions taken towards the mental foundations of those organizations. Furthermore, it will then be doable to forestall new recruitment to these organizations.

End of Terror

Ideologies can solely be defeated with counter-ideologies

Effectively then, how might the mental basis of terror organizations be introduced down? It’s inconceivable to annihilate an mental basis with weapons. That’s the reason it’s an pressing necessity for the states to develop a technique of responding ideologies with counter ideologies.

Fascism, communism, materialism, violence and terror kind an inseparable complete.  It’s not doable to ascertain friendship and brotherhood between folks merely by means of army strategies with out explaining that this ideology main folks to riot, to battle and battle, to dissension and lack of affection, to selfishness and immorality is a colossal mistake. Members of such organizations- be they fascists or communists- regard life as a discipline of battle and battle. The rationale for battle is both distinction of financial courses in line with one group or it’s distinction between the races in line with the opposite. For the members of organizations who see life as mere battle, ideas akin to household, spiritual morality, honor and delight lose their significance. Such folks might comply with all types of erratic ideologies and actions.

With the intention to cease terrorist actions with ideological foundations, kids needs to be taught about actions akin to communism and fascism; nonetheless, the scientific counter-arguments also needs to be taught together with them.   Mental battle has by no means been tried or executed till as we speak. An individual who has been indoctrinated with materialistic training for years needs to be taught that communism and fascism are merchandise of ignorance and lack of know-how. It needs to be defined totally that these are false beliefs missing any basis. The irrationality behind them needs to be unfurled. After proving that each one these ideologies are false – and if they’re correctly advised in regards to the love of God – their dedication to these false ideologies would immediately come to an finish. There can be no which means to what they have been doing till then. Terror would not have any which means for them. The thoughts of such an individual would then be conquered. No terror group might ever resist such an mental battle by way of tv and radios and the web. A motion that loses its mental foundation can’t survive. The states ought to both takeover this activity or assist non-governmental organizations that put themselves in for this activity.

Training towards organizations conducting terror acts within the title of Islam 

A way just like the mental methodology employed towards terror organizations with ideological foundations may very well be employed towards terror organizations that resort to violence misusing the title of Islam. Nevertheless, as a result of the idea of such organizations is totally different, the content material of the mental battle given needs to be totally different as properly.

The premise of this mental battle lies in strongly expressing the deviance within the ideas of the members of such organizations. In line with the Qur’an, it’s a spiritual obligation for Muslims to name folks to ethical values of Islam solely with form phrases, not with pressure or compulsion.  Calling these folks to the True Path might solely be doable by explaining that there’s freedom of perception in Islam.

All Muslims needs to be taught that violence just isn’t an appropriate methodology of expressing one’s rights and that it’s utterly towards Islamic ethical values. They need to be advised that the morality of Islam can’t be espoused with terrorist actions and that such acts would hurt Muslims even additional as they might enhance the variety of enemies of Islam.

Within the colleges, college students needs to be given programs that focus on the mental background of terrorist organizations; books and items written about this needs to be taught and conferences and tutorial conferences needs to be held.  Solely on this manner would it not be doable to wipe out terrorism from the face of this world. Such a technique would even be instrumental in stopping the prevalence of terrorism within the first place.

The author has authored greater than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, faith and science. He could also be adopted at @Harun_Yahya and

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