Samsung gonna lauch Galaxy Notice 7 as an alternative of Galaxy Notice 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung The plain identify for the following Galaxy Notice gadget to be referred to as is the Galaxy Notice 6, provided that final 12 months we had the Galaxy Notice 5, the 12 months earlier than the Galaxy Notice four and the 12 months earlier than that, the Galaxy Notice 3. You get the gist. It seems like that will not be the case nonetheless.Samsung has but to…

There have been a few rumours to counsel Samsung will truly name the following Notice the Galaxy Notice 7, somewhat than the Galaxy Notice 6, leaping a digit. Apparently, the change in identify is to make sure the Notice gadget traces up with the 2 different flagship units Samsung launched in March – the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Samsung has but to verify whether or not it is going to be skipping a digit and leaping straight for the Galaxy Notice 7, however it might make sense.

For the sake of this characteristic, we will probably be referring to the following Notice because the Notice 6 for now till its identify has been confirmed.6 / Notice 7