Google pays tribute to Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi
Famend search Engine Google has additionally paid tribute to famend social activist chief Abdul Sattar Edhi and highlighted Abdul Sattar Edhi’s title, date of beginning and loss of life.

Each eye is shedding tears on the loss of life of famend savior to humanity, Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Condolence messages from all elements of world continued, whereas famend search engine Google highlighted title of Edhi on its web site after his loss of life.

Google additionally highlighted date of beginning and loss of life of Edhi.

This isn’t sufficient, when you click on on the title of Edhi on Google web page, one other web page will open with all info concerning Abdul Sattar Edhi.

The lovers of Abdul Sattar Edhi have made #Edhi the highest development on social networking websites Twitter and Faceboook.

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