Poor Border Administration & The Blame Sport


Historical past repeated itself, and the Afghan soil is used in opposition to Pakistan, yet one more time. The assault of terrorists on Bacha Khan College Charsadda on 20th January left greater than 20 folks useless and greater than 30 wounded, raised the voices of Pakistan’s political and protection circles in opposition to Afghanistan, that after once more Afghan soil is used in opposition to Pakistan. The terrorists had been mentioned to have talked on Afghan SIMs, and had been managed from Afghanistan. Additionally it is mentioned that the terrorists got here from Afghanistan, crossed the border allegedly and are blamed to have been funded by the Indian consulate close to Pakistan’s bordering space.

Apparently, like its previous historical past, Afghan authorities has denied the allegations of utilizing its soil in opposition to Pakistan. Furthermore, the primary condemnation of the assault got here from Indian Prime Minister Nirindra Modi on his twitter account.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is of the view that Afghan Community alerts are nor working in Charsadda somewhat these are energetic on border areas. A number of occasions PTA has raised its voice for resolving this problem in overseas ministry of Pakistan and different involved authorities, however has not been seen. Protection Minister Khwaja Asif has pointed in direction of the advance of border administration to cease the influx and outflow of terrorists.

The query which arises right here is that why the border is so weak and uncontrollable that each time, each Pakistan and Afghanistan blames one another for the poor border administration. NATO and ISAF forces which might be current since previous 14 years, and have been focused fairly a number of occasions from throughout the border however haven’t been capable of safe this border from terrorists’ motion.

The Pak-Afghan Border generally known as Durand Line is about 2540 Km lengthy, is the longest border which Pakistan shares with different nations. It passes via the hilly areas of FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. About hundred Pakistani examine posts are current there to observe the folks and safe it from the terrorists’ assaults. Afghan safety forces are additionally current there to safeguard the border from Pakistan’s aspect however aren’t capable of management it attributable to their technical weaknesses.However, whatever the mentioned examine posts, this border is a lot porous that not solely terrorists transfer freely throughout the border, however the smugglers and merchants are extra beneficiary of this vulnerability. Pakistan and Afghanistan formally have the commerce of two.5 Billion {Dollars} however the unofficial smuggling of products is about 6 Billion {Dollars}.

In accordance with the official statistics of Pakistan, this border is crossed by about 25,000-30,000 folks from each the edges on day by day foundation. The vary of unlawful motion is unknown due to the a number of pathways current in these hill tops and valleys.

Because the inception of Pakistan, the legality and management of its western border has all the time been mentioned on many events on completely different boards. A number of MoUs have been signed for its regulation and management, however none of them have been materialized but.

After terrorists’ assault on Military Public College in Dec 2014, Pakistan blamed Afghanistan for its soil being utilized by the terrorists in opposition to Pakistan and demanded for handover of Taliban Chief Mullah Fazlullah together with the strict surveillance of the border. Afghan authorities and NATO forces pledged to take action however not a single step has been taken to handle the border from their aspect.

However, after large assaults on Kabul metropolis and Kabul Airport, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani additionally blamed Pakistan for controlling the terrorist community together with the weak border between the 2 nations.

Operation Zarb-e-Azb undoubtedly has carried out properly in weakening and dismantling of the terrorist community, however as a result of porous border primary gamers and leaders of Taliban fled to Afghanistan and controls the operations in Pakistan from the Afghan soil. Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, Janan Musa Zai has additionally mentioned the terrorists fled because of the army operation in Waziristan and joined ISIS in Afghanistan, reorganized themselves and assault varied factors and examine posts on Pak-Afghan border.


This dilemma will be resolved, the blame sport of poor border administration will be ended however will want sturdy dedication and resolve to the trigger. Pakistan shares its border with India, China and Iran, however they’re extra secured than the Durand Line, as a result of these bordering nations are extra cautious about their border safety than Afghanistan. Just lately, India has deliberate to manage its Western Border with Pakistan via laser partitions on the border. Trenches have been constructed on Pak-Iran Border on its weak factors for its safety.

Pak-Afghan Border can be made safer via bettering surveillance actions, constructing trenches, elevating obstacles, and might go for laser partitions to examine the cross border motion. The Border Administration Authority ought to work not solely on identified crossing factors but in addition via motion throughout the border, on the patterns of Pak-India border. Within the present state of affairs, our Western Border wants extra safety than Jap border, as a result of many of the attackers are coming via the western border.

Moreover, the advance in regulation and order state of affairs in FATA may also help extra on this sense. Legislation enforcement businesses must also vigil the motion throughout the border in Pakistani tribal areas. Via higher border administration, not solely terrorists’ motion can be managed however the unlawful commerce in tribal businesses from Afghanistan can be regularized.

In a video message, Khalifa Umar Mansour, the grasp thoughts of APS and Bacha Khan College assaults, has threatened Pakistan for extra attackson the identical sample on judiciary, universities, schools and colleges; which he phrases because the breeding nurseries for the nation management. They’ve discovered this a straightforward methodology to assault and flee as a result of unobstructed motion via the border. All steps for bringing peace are worthy, however the instant and everlasting answer to the cross border terrorists’ motion and blame sport between Afghanistan and Pakistan is healthier and improved border administration, which demand instant steps to be taken by each the nations.

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