Twitter adds a new safety feature to prevent online trolling

With an inexorable increase in joining social media users, online trolling has become epidemic which has increased the risk of inevitable harassment.
Twitter is countering this problem by launching one of the handiest features for its users that allow them to flag list posts and content they deem abusive.
Recently, the social media giant was in the news when “I Hired Donald Trump To Fire People Like Yovanovitch” tweet went viral causing many accounts to get suspended.“I Hired Donald Trump To Fire People Like Yovanovitch” tweet gets accounts suspended
The company announced on Monday, that the new update is available on iOS and will now be on Android and the platform’s website.
The feature will enable users to report a list, in the same manner, they reported an individual tweet, the option will be visible under the Menu, “Report” icon.
“Once you’ve submitted your report, we’ll send you an email confirming receipt and provide recommendations for additional actions you can take to improve your Twitter experience,” Twitter wrote on its help page.
We’ve updated our policies regarding Lists, including how to report them. The change is coming to iOS today with Android and Web support coming soon.Learn more:
— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) November 18, 2019
Once an offending list has been reported it will be placed under the Twitter “Time-out” corner until it is deleted, according to Mashable.
Earlier in 2017, the company tested on hiding list notification from users, however, this move received backlash as it made monitoring harassment more difficult.
We’re making it easier for you to keep your account secure and spot potential attempts to compromise it. Starting today, we’ll send push notifications in addition to emails for any suspicious logins to your account.For more information:
— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) November 19, 2019

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