Traders sent jail on breaching lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak

A Karachi court denied a group of traders bail in a case against them for violating the lockdown.
During a hearing on Thursday, the District South judicial magistrate sent six traders to jail for 14 days on judicial remand.
They were arrested for opening their markets without permission. One of the men who has been arrested is a traders’ representative.
On Monday they appeared in court asking for bail but their request was denied.
They are accused of violating the lockdown, torture and provoking people.
The lockdown was imposed across the province on March 23 following the outbreak of the coronavirus. The government hopes to contain the virus by ensuring that people stay home.
Traders and businessmen, however, want markets to be opened because they are facing losses. The Sindh government has allowed a number of factories to reopen and is slowly allowing other businesses. It says it wants approval from the Centre before doing so.

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