Students of classes 9 and 11 to be promoted without exams: Shafqat Mehmood

Education minister Shafqat Mehmood on Thursday said that it had been decided that students from classes 9 and 11 will be promoted to the next class without exams.
Mehmood said that all the provincial education ministers held a meeting today to decide the future course of action with regard to education in the country as it fights the coronavirus pandemic.
Recapping decisions made earlier, he said that the National Coordination Committee had announced a closure of schools till July 15 and it had been decided that final examinations for classes 9, 10 and intermediate would not be held.
He said that it was learnt that 4 million students had to appear in examinations for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12.
The minister said that keeping in mind the safety and health of children, it was important to devise a strategy whereby their academic year would not go to waste.
He said that it had been decided that students who are in classes 9 and 11 will not appear in examinations this year and will be promoted to the next class.
Mehmood said that those promoted to class 10 and 12 will only appear for final exams for the same and not composite exams.
For these students, the result of their previous class would be calculated based on their new class’ result.
Announcing decisions taken for students of classes 10 and 12, he said that their results will be evaluated based on marks obtained in classes 9 and 11, provided the students had cleared all the subjects. He said that these students would be awarded 3% extra marks.
The education minister also said that those “failing in less than 40% subjects in 9 and 11 will be given [a] passing grade”.
He said that special exams will be held between September and November for students who had been divided into four categories.
Speaking of the different categories of students, he said that one category comprises students who were not satisfied with their class 11 exams and wish to improve their result in class 12.
The second category consists of students who were to appear in composite exams this year.
The third category has students who wished to improve their results in a few subjects.
The fourth category has students who failed in more than 40% subjects in class 11.
He said that those wishing to appear in these exams must inform their boards by July 1.
Speaking of Punjab government’s decision on the matter, he said that the province “has decided to take into consideration Matric exam already taken”.
He said that a policy statement on practical marks will be issued by the provincial education department.

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