Sindh Govt to introduce online classes for coronavirus prevention, precautions

Sindh Government in an effort to raise awareness about precaution and prevention against coronavirus has decided to introduce online classes to teach the masses how to protect themselves and their loved ones during the outbreak.
The decision has been taken mutually by the Sindh Healthcare Commission and The Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan (MMIDSP) as a means to fend of the global epidemic.
In the first phase hospital staff and paramedics will be given proper training and guidance upon dealing with the COVID-19, coronavirus whereas a crackdown operation is underway against opportunistic quacks and makeshift laboratories who are looking to reap benefits in times of a global calamity.
So far 52 labs have been inspected by quality assurance teams that have deemed 19 under par while three have been completely shut down after failing to meet the bare minimum of health standards.
A total of 3052 hospitals, clinics, and labs have been sealed since the initial outbreak.
1132 healthcare centers have been sent legal notices to improve healthcare practices.

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