Sindh govt extends coronavirus lockdown till April 30

The Sindh government has extended the coronavirus lockdown till April 30 with a set of guidelines to encourage citizens to practice social distancing in order to contain the pneumonic pandemic from spreading.
The lockdown orders will remain in effect till April 30, 2020, according to a notification issued Tuesday by the home department of the provincial government.
As announced in the earlier notification, the restrictions on public gatherings will continue to be practiced with a complete ban on public places, commercial areas, markets, shops of non-essential items, restaurants except for home delivery, picnic points, jail visits, and intracity and intercity public transport except for food and essential items.
Meantime, all schools, colleges, medical colleges, universities, technical and vocational institutions, madrassahs and tuition centers of the province are already closed till May 31st.
Commercial centers, shopping malls, cinemas, wedding halls, showrooms, banquets, and hotels will also remain closed throughout the province. The holy sites, including shrines, will also remain shut, in accordance with the lockdown guidelines.
Citizens have been asked to limit their movements from 5 pm to 8 am. Exceptions have been granted for law-enforcers, medics, and paramedics, medical stores adjacent to healthcare facilities, technical staff, goods transporters, people associated with charity outfits and on-duty journalists.
The notification advises citizens to travel with three-foot distance from others. while on a motorbike, a single person is allowed except in the case of a female family member. Meanwhile, two persons are allowed to ride a car except when a very sick person requires an attendant.
Also, for funeral and burial rites, only close family members will be allowed with prior information to the local administration.

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