Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani tests positive for coronavirus

Sindh’s Minister for Education and Labour Saeed Ghani on Tuesday announced that he has been tested positive for the coronavirus.
Ghani, in a video message on Twitter, shared that he had gotten his test done a day earlier which turned out to be positive.

گذشتہ روز میں نے کورونا وائرس کا ٹیسٹ کروایا جسکی رپورٹ مثبت آئی ہے تاحال جو Symptoms اس وائرس کے بتائے جاتے ہیں ان میں سے مجھے کچھ محسوس نہیں ہورہا اور میں خود کو بالکل صحتمند محسوس کررہا ہوں اور اپنی ذمہ داریاں گھر پر isolation میں رہ کر ادا کررہا ہوں۔ شہری بھی گھروں پر رہیں
— Senator Saeed Ghani (@SaeedGhani1) March 23, 2020
However, the minister clarified that he has not felt any of the symptoms associated with the virus and feels healthy.
He added that he has isolated himself since testing positive.
“I am fulfilling my duties from home and will continue to do so. I believe it was necessary to tell everyone, including my friends and acquaintances, who has met me over the past few days to observe themselves [for symptoms] and stay in self-quarantine,” said the minister.

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