Shortage of petrol adds to misery of citizens across Pakistan

The shortage of petrol added to the misery of citizens across the country, including the residents of the financial hub of the country, Karachi.
According to reports, petrol pumps spread over the country have been facing a shortage of fuel supply, adding to the difficulties of the public as well as transporters.
It was learnt that those stations with petrol, are charging citizens double prices.
In Karachi, the shortage of petrol has been persisting since the past three days, while some stations are selling expensive high-octane to people.
According to All Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association president, Pakistan State Oil is supplying petroleum products to stations, adding that some companies did not buy petrol at lower prices.
He claimed that some companies are not selling petrol for an inventory gain.
Likewise in Balochistan, the shortage of fuel supply led to scarce supply at Quetta pumps. Long queues of vehicles waited to buy the limited supply of petrol from three to four stations at high prices.
President Balochistan Petroleum Dealers Association Syed Qayyam-ud-din said that the shortage of petrol has been caused by private petroleum companies.
He urged the provincial government and Oil and Gas Regulatory Association to look into the matter and resolve it.
He threatened that if the shortage persisted then the Pakistan State Oil pumps will be forced to shutdown, adding that since June 1, only other stations have been facing the shortage.

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