Shibli says govt taking steps to ensure betterment of journalist fraternity

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz on Monday maintained that the government is taking steps to ensure betterment of the journalist fraternity.
During an interview, Faraz stated that the issues confronted by media could be resolved with joint efforts by government and journalists.
Urging media to play a constructive role for the betterment of the country and its people, the minister remarked that the previous governments did not pay attention to formulating media laws.
“Today media is not facing those restrictions and hardships as in the past,” he added.
Earlier on Sunday addressing the gathering, Senator Faraz had said: “Unfortunately, this sacred profession never got the recognition it deserved.”
He also noted that many of the participating journalists’ “peers in the past and your colleagues now” had been there in various situations and in every condition whether it be an issue that concerns Pakistan, the world, Kashmir, public rights or political struggle.
“The first and foremost group [I hold dear] is my journalists’ brethren,” he had communicated, adding that it is common knowledge that he hails from a family of writers and is the son of famed Pakistani poet Ahmed Faraz.
“Just as my father belonged to your tribe, in this respect, I believe that I too am a part of your tribe.”
“I’m now in a position where I have to take care of you and also maintain a balance with the government’s policies — one that does not cost either party,” he added.

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