Saudi human resources minister clarify the mechanism for the return of employees

Saudi Minister of Human Resource Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al Rajhi has announced that public sector employees can resume work gradually starting Sunday, May 31.
The new measure was announced by Minister of Human Resource and Social Development Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al Rajhi in a press conference on Tuesday.
As of Sunday, Shawwal 8 (May 31), at least 50 percent of public entities’ employees will return to work, while the rest will continue to work remotely depending on the current circumstances.
Starting Sunday, Shawwal 15 (June 7), at least 75 percent of the public employees will resume work and the rest also will continue to work remotely according to the current circumstances.
However, Sunday Shawwal 22 (June 14) will be the day where 100 percent of the employees will return to work, the minister announced.
Al Rajhi made it clear that resuming work and economic activities do not mean lifting precautionary measures. We recommend employees to review precautionary procedures.
After two and a half months of suspending business operations, Al Rajhi said, it is now the time to reopen economic activities to advance the economy, adding that government employees have proved competence with the remote work system.
To ensure a better work environment, we have decided to implement a flexible work system where employees can leave or report to work flexibly.All public employees will return to work Sunday, June 14, the minister highlighted.
Al Rajhi said “We are proud of all workers in various sectors who did their best to address the corona pandemic with full and sincerity.We will safeguard the labor market gains by hiring more Saudi citizens and expanding to create new future jobs,”.
The Minister added in his statement, that after halting work for two and a half months, it is now the time to open up activities and push the economic wheel, stressing that the public sector has not stopped operations during the past period, as remote services has continued, and the government employee has proven their competence and ability to adapt to remote work.
Saudi Arabia’s human resources minister says the return of business and activities does not mean lifting the precautionary measures and we recommend reviewing these measures for employees.
source: politicaluprising

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