Russian court bars sale of Samsung phones

A Russian court has barred Samsung Electronics from importing and selling 61 models of smartphones in Russia over an intellectual property lawsuit pertaining to its Samsung Pay system, the RIA news agency reported on Thursday.
According to another RIA report, the court ruling has been challenged and has yet to take effect.
The lawsuit filed by a Switzerland-based company claims that Samsung Pay infringes on its electronic payment system patent registered in Russia.
Samsung Pay is similar to Apple Pay and Google Pay. It is a platform for Samsung devices – smartphones and wearables – that allows you to pay for goods and services by tapping your Samsung device near a contactless payment terminal or authorising an online payment, rather than using cash or credit cards.
When using a phone: by swiping up from the bottom of the display, the Samsung Pay app will launch and your default card will appear along with a message to authenticate a payment with your PIN, fingerprint, or iris scanner on compatible devices. You can. also launch Samsung Pay by opening the app.
If a different card is needed, a simple left or right swipe will bring up others stored in your phone. The last card you use will automatically appear as the default card the next time you open the app but you can change this in settings.
Once the payment has been biometrically authorised, the phone tells you to tap it onto the contactless payment reader and bingo, a payment is made via NFC (near field communication).
When using a smartwatch: From any compatible Samsung Galaxy smartwatch screen, press and hold the Back key. The last used card will be shown and the smartwatch is then ready to make a payment. Tap the “Pay” button on screen to Pay and hold your wrist to the contactless payment reader.

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