Regional countries should resolve region’s crises: Rouhani

During the phone conversation, President Rouhani commemorated late Sultan Qaboos and wished success for the new Sultan of the country, Haitham bin Tariq, and expressed hope that relations between the two countries would further develop during his tenure.
Referring to the difficult situation in the region and the world due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the need for cooperation of all countries in the fight against the disease, President Rouhani stressed that Iran is ready to share its experience and achievements in this field to the friendly and neighboring country of Oman.
Rouhani said that in recent months that “we have witnessed an increase in trade between the two countries”.
He emphasized the development and deepening of Iran-Oman relations in all fields, and said, “We are eager to implement the agreements between the two countries, including the transfer of Iranian gas to Oman and Oman’s investment in Chabahar Port as soon as possible, which will benefit both governments and people.”
Thanking the Omani government for cooperating in the HOPE initiative by Iran, Rouhani added, “We are fully prepared to take action on this initiative and any other initiative that leaves the crisis management at the hands of regional countries.”
Rouhani said due to good relations between the two countries, the Strait of Hormuz has been kept in peace, stability, and security throughout history, adding, “In recent years, we have always tried to prevent war and bloodshed in the region, and we must continue working to put an end to the war in Yemen, which has caused destruction and famine.”
Pointing out that there is no doubt that the stability of the region is the fruit of friendly relations between the countries of the region, he emphasized, “Today, we call for good relations among neighbors and I hope that during Your Excellency’s tenure, we witness good cooperation in bilateral and regional fields.”
Rouhani also congratulated the government and people of Oman in advance on the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.
In the telephone conversation, the Sultan of Oman described the relations between the two countries very good and sincere, and emphasized, “Our relations are historical and I assure you that these relations will continue like the time of the late Sultan Qaboos.”
Emphasizing the need to develop and deepen relations between the two countries at all levels, Haitham bin Tariq said that the implementation of the Iran-Oman agreement is in the interests of both sides.
Appreciating Iran’s positions and policies regarding peace and stability in the region and establishing security and peace in the Strait of Hormuz, the Sultan of Oman added, “We should all try to keep the region away from any kind of war and worrisome issues.”

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