Public transport reopened in Balochistan

Public transport in Balochistan has been reopened after a lengthy closure due to coronavirus outbreak.
The government of Balochistan on Sunday had formally announced the resumption of public transportation in the province.
It has been observed that passengers and the transporters are violating the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the government to counter the coronavirus outbreak.
No social distancing neither scanning of the passengers is being done.
Interprovincial and inter-district transport have been allowed to commute under strict adherence to government’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).
The notification released on Sunday, binds coaches being used for transportation to ensure that each passenger seated inside the vehicle has the seat adjacent to them, empty.
The notification also stated that the presence of hand sanitizers must be ensured inside buses and coaches and all passengers must be check for fever before boarding.
Anyone found with a fever or without a face mask will not be allowed to travel.
The notification also entails that if SOPs are not followed, the transportation may again face a suspension for an extended period of time.

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