President Arif Alvi apologised to senior citizen over administrative injustice by FBR

President Arif Alvi has apologised to a senior taxpaying citizen over administrative injustice by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and directed the FBR chairman to take punitive action against the entire chain of decision makers involved in the case.
Expressing dismay over the treatment meted out to 82-year-old Abdul Hamid Khan, the president said that “their heads should hang in shame” for the inconvenience caused.
“Punitive action must be taken along the entire line of decision makers in this case and the FBR chairman should ensure that those responsible, in particular, and others, in general, go through courses to learn priorities and courtesy,” he said.
The president while rejecting FBR’s appeal observed that it appeared that unlawful treatment was meted out “with a view to irritate and humiliate” the aging pensioner.

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