PM Khan says ‘will never give NRO’

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday ruled out any possibility of pardon for opposition leaders, saying that any agreement with them would be equivalent to treachery with the country.
In a post on Facebook, the prime minister said, “Unless they are held accountable, the country could not be put on track of progress. They just want to hear three words ‘NRO’ from me, which I will not utter as it will amount to treachery with the country.”
On Friday, the prime minister in an indirect message to the opposition-led Azadi March protesters, said that he will even send food and other supplies to the participants, but will not grant any concession under the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).
Earlier this year, PM Imran had said that he would not give NRO to the opposition leaders regardless of whichever king they get to request for them.
The premier said that he didn’t initiate cases against Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. “They were embroiled in old cases. As leaders are accountable in a democracy.” he said.
“I can completely understand what the nation is going through. They (opposition) have become billionaires, they have foreign properties,” the premier had said.
“If Zardari and Sharif family bring half of their looted wealth in the country dollar will come down against rupee,” he added.

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