PM Imran highlights plight of 8 million Kashmiris at press conference in New York

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday highlighted the plight of eight million Kashmiris who are suffering “in an open jail” in India-occupied Kashmir and warned against the possible massacre of residents once the curfew is lifted.
The premier shared his conversations with various people he met in New York who had relayed to him their stories of not being able to contact their relatives and family members.
“We know of mass arrests. We know that the entire leadership of Kashmir — even those leaders who were pro-India — are now somewhere in jail in India.
“We know that young people, boys have been picked up. We know that [even] hospitals aren’t functioning,” he said.
“My whole point of coming here was to highlight this. This is unprecedented in this day and age.”
The prime minister said that India’s claim that this is an internal issue and that the world should stay out of it is “nonsense”.
He reminded the media that there are 11 UN Security Council resolutions recognising the fact that Kashmir is a disputed territory which give the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir through a plebiscite.
He said that the fear now is that the BJP-led government are set on changing the demography of the region, an action tantamount to “war crimes” under the Geneva conventions.
He said that a bigger worry was what will happen after the curfew imposed by India in occupied Kashmir is lifted.
“I fear that after the curfew is lifted, there would be a massacre” by the 900,000 Indian troops deployed there said the premier.
“I also fear that whatever happens in Kashmir, India would blame Pakistan for it.”

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