People to offer Taraweeh prayers at homes, CM Sindh appeals

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has requested the people of the province to offer Taraweeh prayers at homes amid coronavirus outbreak.
In a video message on Thursday night, CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah said that in view of increasing number of coronavirus cases and in fear shown by the doctors and Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), we have taken the difficult decision to limit Taraweeh prayers to 3 to 5 people at mosques.
CM Sindh said that mosques across the province will remain open and Taraweeh prayers will be offered as usual but only the staff will be allowed to participate as its is feared that the coronavirus pandemic will spread massively if large gathering are not avoided.
“I appreciate the support extended by Ulema to date, and urge them to continue to support us, as we all work together to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. May Allah guide us to the right path!” he said.
On April 18, a consultative session of religious scholars with President Arif Alvi in chair agreed over 20-point preventive measures against highly contagious novel coronavirus disease during prayers in the month of holy Ramadan.

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