Pakistan’s sustainability at stake without a tax culture: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that in the absence of a “tax culture” in Pakistan, the very country’s sustainability is at stake.
His remarks came during the launch ceremony of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Track and Trace System for the sugar industry.
Hailing the introduction of the system, which he observed had been a struggle by the FBR since 2008, the prime minister said that it had already been rolled out for the tobacco industry and would now extend to the sugar industry as well.
He said there are plans to implement it for the cement, fertiliser and in the rebar (iron bars used to reinforce and strengthen concrete) sectors.
The premier said this positive development today will have “far reaching consequences”.
Speaking of the challenges Pakistan faces, he said the foremost issue that the government has to deal with is that “it does not have enough money to run the country, which is why we have to take loans”.
He likened the situation to a household which continues to struggle due to financial constraints and never is able to advance since it never has enough savings to invest in the future.
PM Imran Khan said that in Scandinavia, thee tax-to-GDP ratio is 50%, whereas in Pakistan, “a tax culture was never created”.

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