Pakistan to witness first solar eclipse in 20 years on Thursday

Pakistanis will be able to witness the annular solar eclipse after 20 years on Thursday morning.
According to researchers, it would be an ideal celestial gift this time as the earth shall cover 97% of the centre of the sun, offering for a few minutes appearance of the “ring of fire” on the sky.
The eclipse will begin at 7:35 am (local time), turning into a total eclipse at 8:46 am and ending at 10:30 am, said Professor Dr Muhammad Jawed Iqbal, Institute of Space and Planetary Astrophysics (ISPA), Karachi University.
Dr Jawed warned people not to look directly at the sun without any protective eye apparatus as it could damage their eyesight. The radiation will be much more direct than it was during the last solar eclipse that occurred 20 years ago.
Dr. Iqbal said elaborate arrangements to observe the annular solar eclipse, with due provision for needed safety, have been made at the Astronomical Observatory.

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