Negotiations between government and banned organisation successful

The negotiations between the government and the banned organisation have finally reached a positive conclusion. According to sources, the talks have been successful.
“Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, National Assembly speaker Asad Qaiser, and other leaders will reveal all the details at a press conference at 11:15am.
Initial reports suggest that the government’s top priority was to put an end to the protests.  banned organisation supporters at the GT Road near Gujranwala will head back home.
Other agreements reached in the talks will be revealed in the media briefing.
The development comes after Prime Minister Imran Khan made a key offer to banned organisation leaders during a meeting with ulemas Saturday as he sought their help in defusing the ongoing tensions between the two groups.
He said his government will not oppose the release of  banned organisation Chief Saad Rizvi if courts make a decision, but he would not issue an executive order in this regard.
The prime minister added that the concession was linked to  banned organisation activists ending their long march. He allowed the ulema to meet Saad Rizvi.
After the meeting with ulemas, a new negotiation team was formed. It is led by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and comprises National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and MNA Ali Mohammad Khan.
Protesters waiting in Wazirabad
Meanwhile, thousand of  banned organisation supporters have been stationed near Wazirabad’s GT Road waiting for orders from their leaders. They have been told to wait until talks with the government are over.

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