Mianwali stood by me when no one did , PM Imran Khan

MIANWALI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said that he is “ready for talks” with everyone, but that there would “never be any reconciliation” with those who “looted the nation’s wealth”
His remarks came during a public procession in Mianwali.
The premier has gone to his ancestral town to inaugurate several projects, a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office said, ahead of his arrival.”Whether it is Waziristan or Balochistan, we will resolve all issues through dialogue.
“However, those who came to power and stole money will not be given an NRO (concession under National Reconciliation Ordinance) or offered reconciliation,” the premier said in his address.
“Every civilised society puts such people in jail; it does not reconcile with them,” he added.
PM Khan said that countries go poor when “big thieves” go scot-free and those who commit petty theft are thrown into jail.
‘Mianwali stood by me when no one did’
When he began his speech, the premier thanked the people of Mianwali, crediting his premiership to the party workers there. “If I am the prime minister today, it is because of the party workers in Mianwali,” he said.
He said that by the time his government completes its five years in power, there will be “historic” development in the city.
“The people of Mianwali stood by me when no one else did,” the premier said, adding: “I will repay this favour by serving them.”Speaking of past rulers, the prime minister said that no previous government ever thought of development that is of benefit to the underprivileged sections of society.
“It my aim is to bring greater development to the backward areas of Pakistan,” he said.
The premier further said that his focus is on improving the standard of education and schools, and assured the people of Mianwali that they will not need to seek education outside the district in the future.PM Imran Khan also spoke on the economic front, saying that the “biggest problem” in the world today is inflation, which rose due to the coronavirus pandemic.
He said inflation is very much a concern throughout the world not just a phenomenon being witnessed in Pakistan.
The prime minister said that when lockdowns were imposed, “the US saw record high inflation”.
“When global prices (of commodities) rose, unfortunately, Pakistan was impacted too,” he said, adding that the world as well as Pakistan continue to grapple with the issue.Speaking of the government’s efforts to alleviate some of the problems faced by the people, the prime minister said that a 30% discount on food supplies will be provided to those earning less than Rs50,000 a month.
In addition, the Kamyab Pakistan programme will provide interest-free loans to families for house building, a health card for the whole of Punjab by next March and Rs47 billion in higher education scholarships for 6.2 million students, he said.
The prime minister resolved that his government would base Pakistan on the two basic principles of the state of Madina — the rule of law and a welfare state.
About the upgradation of Balkasar-Mianwali-Muzaffargarh road, the prime said the project would complete in a year and half.
He also assured the people of the water-deficient Mohar area that the government was considering the options of a canal as well as solar tube wells for relief from electricity bills.
PM Imran Khan urged PTI workers to fully participate in the upcoming local government elections and help the party win.

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