KHI: LEA’s raid in numerous areas recuperate arms cache, arrest 11

criminals have been arrested in Karachi
As many as 11 criminals have been arrested on intervening night time of Saturday and Sunday in Surjani City, Saudabad and Mannequin colony, whereas arms cache, looted stuff recovered from the criminals.

Regulation Enforcement Companies (LEA’s)have raided a buffalo farm in Surjani City space of Karachi on intervening night time of Saturday and Sunday and recovered big cache of arms.

The LEA’s raided the buffalo farm on the tipping of arrested accused Sarfaraz alias helicopter and two extra individuals arrested from the farm.

When the buffalo farm was dig on the tip of Sarfaraz the large cache of arms discovered.

Sources mentioned that the buffalo farm is property of accused Sultan alias Mosa concerned in killing of metropolis wardens.

Mannequin Colony police additionally took motion and arrested as many as seven suspected individuals, whereas bike and arms additionally recovered kind the possession of arrested particular person.

Two criminals additionally arrested from Saudabad in an motion of Saudabad police, the police additionally recovered looted stuff from the arrested bandits.

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