Karachi weather: Hot and humid in city of lights

Humid and hot conditions are prevailing in Karachi as the breeze coming in from the sea subsided in the past few days.
According to the meteorological department, due to the absence of wind, temperatures are rising and the humidity levels are also increasing.
The temperature recorded in the city earlier in the afternoon was 36.2 degrees Celsius, but due to the humidity, it felt like 46 degrees, said the met office.
Humidity levels have topped 54%, and unless the sea breeze picks up, the heat spell is likely to continue, the met office has forecast,
The hot conditions contrast sharply with the spell of monsoon Karachi just witnessed earlier this month.
Sudden, stormy rainfall flooded the streets of Karachi last week and brought traffic to a standstill, adding to the commuters’ woes and leading to closure of schools and offices.
Several areas also plunged into darkness as 200 K-Electric (KE) feeders tripped. Garbage washed ashore on Clifton beach that included medical waste, sparking public outrage.

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