India will ethnically cleanse occupied Kashmir: PM Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the joint session of Parliament on Tuesday, calling on the international community to act against the racist politics of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).
“They (BJP) have a racist ideology. In Kashmir, they have acted according to their ideology, against their constitution, Supreme Court verdict and United Nations resolutions.”
The prime minister informed Parliament that revoking Article 370 was part of BJP’s election manifesto, saying their forefathers were from the RSS. The prime minister stressed that the Kashmir struggle would intensify after India’s move of abolishing Article 370.
“They (BJP) do not consider Kashmiris as their equals. They will try to crush them which will lead to a reaction which can be a Pulwama like incident. They will blame us [Pakistan] for this.”
The prime minister feared that there would be ethnic cleansing in Kashmir.
“I kept on telling them [BJP] after Pulwama that two nuclear-armed neighbours cannot take such risks and we should resolve our problems through dialogue.”
Prime Minister Khan warned of a conventional war between Pakistan and India in light of another Pulwama like situation which could arise if the situation in Kashmir kept on deteriorating.
“This will be a war that no one will win and the implications will be global.”
The prime minister said this was not nuclear blackmail but he was appealing to common sense. “Is the world prepared for this? We appeal to the world that a country which is violating laws, there will be serious consequences if the world does not intervene.”
Prime Minister Imran Khan compared the BJP to the Nazi party in Germany. “Theirs is the ideology which killed Mahatma Gandhi. If the world does not act and does not uphold its own laws then we will not be responsible.”
“I want to make it clear that we will fight this at every forum,” Khan said.
Khan added his party would travel to the West and inform them of the violations taking place in Indian occupied Kashmir. “It is our job to raise this issue in the world.
Speaking briefly on his meeting with US President Trump, Prime Minister Khan said had asked the US President to intervene in the Kashmir issue on good faith.

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